Hair Growth Products with CBD

Healthy hair begins with a clean and healthy scalp!

Formulated with Broad Spectrum CBD as well as clinically supported and organically derived active AnaGain™, these two products work together to encourage healthy, natural hair growth.

DNA microarray analysis of plucked hair follicles supports that  AnaGain™ has the ability to stimulate growth at the very root of the follicle. This means that the natural compounds and cannabinoids found in broad-spectrum CBD restores buoyancy and hydration to existing hair and the scalp, while AnaGain™ is ensuring the growth cycle of the hair continues giving the hair thickness and density.

    • Infused with 50mg of CBD
    • Clinically supported ingredient AnaGain™
    • Visual difference within weeks of regular use
    • Stronger, thicker, more hydrated hair
    • Clean, refreshed and stimulated scalp

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