Do You Like Helping People?

Posted by Anthony Phillips on

So Do We!

The whole drive that brought us into the Cannabis, Hemp and CBD world is simply how much we love seeing natural plant medicine help people and improve lives. We want to work with like minded influecners, bloggers, and just passionate people who share that same value.

No, we are NOT the only CBD company that offers and affiliate program, pretty much everyone out there does as well. Many we feel don't represent the same values we have though. We started this journey helping people, and that is how we want our affiliates to feel as well. Our program is not a spammy MLM program, its a way for real influencers and content creators to help people and change lives.

If this sounds like you, please join us and become an affiliate with pure source. You can sign up on our website, or you can contact us for special offers we will be giving the rest of January. This is a great opportunity for you to join the cannabis and hemp movement. Maybe you are already a part of another affiliate program, that's fine, lets talk and see how we can work together to do great things. Perhaps you to really do value the benefits of CBD, but are tired of being affiliate with companies consumers are starting to regard as spam or pyramid schemes. 

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